Book quotes - The Pyramid Principle: Logic in Writing and Thinking

The Pyramid Principle

Author: Barbara Minto

The logic of writing

Only when you express your thoughts - in writing or in speech, you have a firm grasp of your thoughts. (人们只有将自己的思想表达出来–说出来或写下来,才能准确的把握自己的思想.)

Story telling

Four steps: situation –》conflict –》 problem –》answer

The logic of thinking

Randomly collecting data is not the smart way to do things. You have to force yourself to diagnose the possible cause of a problem, and then use scientific methods:

  • hypothesis
  • analyze problem structure
  • find the causal factors
  • collect data to carry out experiment. The key for designing an experiment is to exclude/control all the factors that could weaken your ability to reach a definite conclusion.
  • find solution

The logic of presentation

  • create image to help understand and memorize
  • If ideas are abstract, try to use hierarchical structure to illustrate