Some useful linux tools

Here are some common Linux tools that can be helpful:

  • Shell: bash
  • Editor: Emacs, Vim
  • Development: GCC, ‘make’, ld, Scheme48, j2sdk, Perl, Python, Tcl/Tk,…
  • Scientific writing: LaTex
  • Plotting: MetaPost
  • Image processing: ImageMagick
  • Numerical computing: Scilab
  • Algebraic computing: MAXIMA
  • Encryption: GnuPG
  • Compression: tar,gzip,bzip2,zip,rar
  • WWW server: apache
  • FTP client: lftp,ncftp
  • Download tool: wget
  • Chinese input: XSIM,SCIM
  • Sync tool: rsync