Who am I ?

Hi, I am Junchuan Fan, a GIScience and computational social science researcher interested in human activity and movement, and human place interactions.
My current research mostly focus on using big spatiotemporal data analytics to uncover human activity and mobility pattern in space, analyze semantic characteristics of places infused by human activities therein, and model the dynamic interactions between human and places.

Check out my C.V. here.
Also, you can view my C.V. in space and time.

What I do ?

Currently, I am a Research Scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Previously, I was an assistant research professor at the Center for Geospatial Information Science in the University of Maryland, College Park. I taught courses on GIS programming, advanced spatial analytics, and web mapping.

Most of data crunching I do are carried out using python, R and scala. Sometimes, I also work as a volunteer data scientist for DataKind.