Geomesa Converter

Geomesa Converters

A converter defines the mapping between source data (CSV, JSON, XML, etc) and a SimpleFeatureType.
The converter accepts as input source files, and outputs GeoTools SimpleFeatures, which can then be written to GeoMesa. Each converter corresponds to a single SimpleFeatureType.

Converters are generally defined with a type and a fields array. Optionally, they may define an id-field, user-data and configuration options.

  • The type element specifies the type of the converter, for example delimited-text or json.
  • The fields array defines the attributes created by the converter. The transform of a field can be used to reference other fields or modify the raw value extracted from the source data. The transform element supports referencing each field in the record by its column number using $. See a list of available transform functions.
  • The id-field element will set the feature ID for the SimpleFeature.