Processing geotagged wikipedia articles

The wikipedia maintainers provide an XML dump of all documents in the database each month. It is a single XML file that contains all the articles in wikipedia.

  • Content
    • Text of current version all pages
    • Some database tables:
      • Page-to-page links
      • list of pages with links outside of the project
      • Media metadata
      • Info about each page
      • Titles of all pages in the main namespace
      • List of pages that are redirects and their targets
  • Data format: The format of the XML file you receive is the same in all ways. It is codified in XML Schema.
  • What is wikitext?
    A lightweight markup language used to write pages at wiki-based websites. Wikitext can be converted into html by wiki software.

  • Coord template
    To add 57°18′22″N,4°27′32″W to the top of an article, use {Coord},thus:
    These coordinates are in degrees, minutes, and seconds of arc. 'title' means that the coordinates will be displayed next to the title.
    To add 44.112°N 87.913°W to the top of an article, use either
    The template displays the formatted coordinates with a hyperlink to GeoHack. For terrestrial locations, a blue globe appears to the left of the hyperlink.